Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Wants to Leave San Antonio

The other major non-LeBron James storyline of this offseason is the drama with San Antonio and absent star Kawhi Leonard. After playing just nine games last season before sitting out with a mysterious injury, there’s been multiple reports of tensions between Leonard, head coach Gregg Popovich, and his Spurs teammates. Despite the friction, Leonard said that he did want to finish his career with the Spurs. That might not happen if the latest reports are any indicator.

NBA insiders Chris Haynes and Shams Charania tweeted that league sources said Leonard wants out of San Antonio. In addition, Adrian Wojnarowski added that he might be looking to head out West to join Kyle Kuzma, Julius Randle, and Lonzo Ball over in Los Angeles.

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41 thoughts on “Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Wants to Leave San Antonio

  1. Greg Popovich is gonna troll everyone he doesn’t want to make the Lakers better he’s gonna hold onto Kawhi until Lebron and Paul George decide what to do meanwhile every team is gonna be throwing their best offers for the best 2 way player in the league Pop is smarter then that he’d rather give Kawhi to a east team like Boston who can offer either Tatum or Brown and their kings pick so Laker fans need to chill

  2. I hope his busta ass leaves. Kiss that $219 million contract goodbye. He's taking a loss of $80 million, 5/years $219 m to a 4/years $139 m. Blame that shit all on his uncle. That leech wants him to go to the 76ers because he's from South Jersey and he's a 6ers fan or send him to the two biggest market, the Lakers or Knicks even though Kawhi isn't a marketing type of player. He doesn't even have social media and the uncle wants to market him? Are you fucking serious? Another asshole who doesn't know the game trying to leech off his family member. The uncle just tarnished Kawhi's name with all this drama. Everyone in the league now see what Kawhi is all about, he doesn't show up to games to support his team in the playoffs. A mother fucker like that can't be trusted anymore.

  3. Bye Kawhi! He'll end up on SOMEONE'S bench or REHAB facility. KARMA will bite him hard, don't know who's in his head, but they have RUINED one of the best 2-way players of all time.

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