Kawhi-Spurs Drama; John Wall “Midget” Diss; All-Star Reserve Picks | Out of Bounds

In anticipation of tonight’s announcement of the 2018 NBA All-Star Reserves, the #OutofBounds crew makes their own picks (and heated arguments) for the 14 players who should be all-stars. Next, Gil, Adam, and Pierce weigh in on the report that the handling of Kawhi Leonard’s injury has caused friction between him and the Spurs. To close the show, the team decides the fairness/foulness of the Bucks firing head coach Jason Kidd and John Wall calling J.J. Barea “a little midget.”

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41 thoughts on “Kawhi-Spurs Drama; John Wall “Midget” Diss; All-Star Reserve Picks | Out of Bounds

  1. where can i watch videos with mia khalifa in it? im pretty sure complex has them on private because fans posted that they hate her or also she made them take them down when she quit? wtf i only watched this for her eye candy

  2. i feel like this white boy gets clowned on by gil every episode for being a hip hop nerd- but having no actual game and soul.
    like their default position is white boy stiff lipped trying to smile thru gritted jaw, and gil laughing at him incredulously.its a good dynamic- but white boy needs to learn to stand up to gil, and not defer when he gets outranked.then again thats just not him. if he does though- u might have a skip/shannon, max stephen a dynamic there.

  3. Teammates: “(Kobe) Pass the ball”
    Kobe: “😒for what? Look at em👉🏾”
    😂😂😂 that was the most accurate description of the Kobe’s 05, 06 seasons I️ ever heard

  4. Gilbert Arenas is a disgrace to humanity and society. Why complex news hired him to be an “analyst” after he denigrated the women and children of Flint, Michigan during the water crisis is disgusting.

  5. Hey Gilbert you were THE player to watch when I was growing up. Wizards fan ever since. Unfortunately I can't see you play anymore but I am glad to hear you talk basketball. Keep up!

  6. 5:06 this nigga said raptors are a surprise team in the east??? Duh fuck, if you have no brain cells then sure I guess raptors are a surprise team in the east. How long do the raptors need to be one of the top teams in the east before people give them some respect?

  7. For someone who’s been in the league before, Gilbert’s analysis is terrible. He trashed horford because he’s not splashy and it’s “horford” and then knocks Kemba who’s been playing better than John Wall. Then when he goes to justify John Wall he says….well it’s Wall he should be in the game ya know…wtf? Same with Lowry. Even tho his numbers are down…he’s been steady his whole career. It’s like Gilbert doesn’t even watch the season or know who’s been hot this year. Terrible man.

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