Kendrick Critic Geraldo Rivera on Why He Likes Drake More

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Sway in the Morning where the topic of Kendrick Lamar was brought up. If you remember, Rivera previously criticized K-Dot after the Compton rapper used audio of the Fox News contributor on his 2017 album Damn. After defending his previous questionable comments about hip-hop at large, Rivera was asked about the discography of Lamar’s. “I’m more of a Drake man,” Rivera said around the 26-minute mark. “I think that he’s got a great balance. I think that he, really he’s got the edge, the urban edge that I think makes it really sharp. But he also understands that this is a big crazy world, and I think that his message is generally positive.”

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33 thoughts on “Kendrick Critic Geraldo Rivera on Why He Likes Drake More

  1. I see no problem with Geraldo's opinion. He's allowed to have his own preference of music and his opinion seemed well thought out, he wasn't just hating or shooting from the hip. (shrugs)

  2. I'm going to say this, and I'm sure everyone agrees shut the fuck-up Geraldo Rivera I'm on fox(so-called) news so I have toe the line, if I don't, I don't get paid! And nobody's trying to read, the shity book you just wrote!

  3. Funny thing is he doesn't listen to either of them he likes drakes because their skin color almost match fuck outta here you listen to country or some other shit I'm not believing this ol fart 💩

  4. Every Kendrick Stan mad af a critic who probably been doing his job longer than what most u stans been listening to music, didn’t dick ride Kendrick like how y’all was expecting him to😂. I believe kendrick is slightly overrated and that music is subjective so what ever this critic prefers over Kendrick doesn’t make him ignorant. No everyone in this world is a kendrick nut hugger. U stans should really look into other artist cuz believe it or not there are many other great rappers. U guys should try listening to someone new without any bias and definitely shouldn’t be thinking at the same time while listening “it’s alright but it ain’t kendrick tho”.

  5. umm who the fuck is this irrelevant ass? old ass white dude better hop back on that mozart piano shit quick boi rap music aint even for headass people like you

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