Kendrick Lamar Makes History as the First Rapper to Win a Pulitzer

Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 album Damn has made history by becoming the first non-jazz or non-classical album to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

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22 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar Makes History as the First Rapper to Win a Pulitzer

  1. this album was the best album of 2017 because it transcends its genre. anybody with any appreciation for music can listen to it and understand that it is beautiful music.
    if you compare this album to his other ones, it doesn’t touch upon racial themes nearly as much. it is much more about raw, human emotion, which is what all objectively good music expresses. that’s why this album connects with so many people around the world; people who may not share in his life struggles, but people who ultimately share his emotions and love through his expressions. that’s the beauty of music and that’s why he won this prize.

  2. Im a fan but this is insane, his wakanda album was great but daft punk also made great music for tron legacy etc… A lot of his lyrics dont make sense because hes just trying to put rhymes together and he uses a lot of sexist and violent language so even tho I enjoy hearing it for fun, i dont think he deserved this at all… Another example of black special treatment… Why not give it to rihanna, or daddy yankee or someone else, even shakira idgaf tbh

  3. It doesn’t have to be his best album to win the pulitzer.. Y’all saying that TPAB should have win. Maybe! But DAMN. Also has his social impact and deserve this price too! We can only say congratz to the GOAT for his overall success

  4. DAMN is meh has hell. And I'm not comparing it to his past work. If I've never heard a K Dot album before, I would still call DAMN lame. It's he weakest project since "No Sleep Till NYC"

  5. Feel like Lamar winning the Pulitzer with Damn. was just completely politics, TPAB I could see as it was poetically and musically more complex, but damn is just a really good conscious rap album…

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