Kendrick Lamar to Make Acting Debut on 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

You might want to tune in to this week’s episode of Power on Sunday, July 29 on Starz…that is, if you want to see none other than Kendrick Lamar as a guest star.

Per TV Line, there are currently no details about how K-Dot will figure into the show or how big his role will be in his TV acting debut. There is, however, one small hint: even if you know nothing about Power, you’re still likely aware that 50 Cent is one of the show’s stars, and Starz has already indicated that the Compton rapper will share scenes with Kanan, 50’s character. A promo for the episode teases an “unlikely friend” of Kanan’s making an appearance, and this can pretty much only mean Lamar.

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36 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar to Make Acting Debut on 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

  1. Why is this guy saying kay nun? I understand he’s reading and shit and maybe he doesn’t watch power but like why couldn’t they get someone who knows who they talking about ?

  2. So the first rule of journalism is do your research. Check your sources. So you mean to tell me neither this reporter, nor the producers of this segment, know the correct pronunciation of the character’s name?

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  4. Complex please stop hiring these lames because they have journalism degrees. The people wanna hear from somebody factual not a nerd who doesn’t even watch the show. Where’s Jinx or Speedy when you need them we all know they watch the show 😂

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