Kendrick’s ‘Damn’ Sales Skyrocket Following Pulitzer Prize Win

Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer win for ‘Damn’ has fostered a hungry interest in the project, which translates into a monstrous number of sales.

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49 thoughts on “Kendrick’s ‘Damn’ Sales Skyrocket Following Pulitzer Prize Win

  1. I'm gonna look back during this time of my life and appreciate what Kdot achieved over everyone else. People like to bring up the other greats but don't realize what this guy is doing. He's the most prestigious artist of his era and arguably ever in hip hop. Nobody's personal opinion matters at this point at the rate he is going. Also theres a difference between artistic integrity and making hits. Drake makes hits and Cole sticks with integrity; but K does both. Thats why he stands over them.

  2. Dope. This is the reason why Ye doing what hes doing now… this new generation is taking hip hop to another level. Yeezy thought he was going to do that. Now Ye is trying to stay relevant by making outlandish political remarks just to stir up controversy.

  3. Bruh somebody just said to me that nba young man is better than k dot and Cole 😂😂😂then I says to him wwe young boy need to keep his hands to him self and get his bars up first

  4. Best rappers of all time
    Kung Fu Kenny

    Worst rappers of all time
    Toronto Drake
    Atlanta Drake
    London Drake
    LA Drake
    Drake on any other flows he stole

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