Kendrick’s Run Since ‘Section.80,’ How Many Classics Does He Have? | Everyday Struggle

Wayno, Nadeska, and DJ Akademiks dissect K-Dot’s entire catalog. They discuss ‘Section.80’ on it’s 7 year anniversary, the impact that his first studio offering ‘Good M.A.A.D’ had on his early career, the follow-up in ‘To Pimp A Butterfly,’ mixed opinions on ‘Untitled Unmastered,’ and the instant classic in ‘DAMN.’ The crew also takes a look back at the history of double albums in hip-hop, and compares Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ to classics such as Biggie’s ‘Life After Death,’ Pac’s ‘All Eyes On Me, The Diplomats’ ‘ ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint 2.’

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27 thoughts on “Kendrick’s Run Since ‘Section.80,’ How Many Classics Does He Have? | Everyday Struggle

  1. TPAB is for the people over at Metacritic and pitchfork that want to seem like they have profound taste. GKMC and DAMN are for the people that actually enjoy rap music and listen to it daily.

  2. TPAB is by far his most universally acclaimed album & it's also definitely his best. Also I can't understand them say it doesn't have reply value, that doesn't even make sense to me.

  3. They should do XXL Senior Class and have some of the best Rappers that are still relevant and makin music and have all of them do some Cyphers they wouldnt really have to still be making music recently bit i think that would go awesome wit the freshman class Cypher. So have the XXL freshmen Cypher and then like a week later Have the "Senior Class" do theres haha.

  4. The moment I knew this dude was a problem was when I heard the heart pt 2 but when I knew he was going to blow up was when buried alive interlude came out on Drakes album, K dot killed it and I knew that people that like Drake was going to listen to this and be awaken by his lyricism

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