Kevin Hart Defines his Legacy, Opens Up About Battling Katt Williams & More

Kevin Hart sat down with Pierce Simpson of Complex to discuss a variety of things: including his new book, The Decision, his legacy, changing the public narrative & whether or not he’d battle Katt Williams in a Verzuz matchup.

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31 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Defines his Legacy, Opens Up About Battling Katt Williams & More

  1. I wouldn't commit in someone's petty attempts to put me down, either. A friendly roast is the same as a rap battle of skill. But what mostly see is beef, mascaraed as "competition". This is what Katt is really doing. He's got BEEF with Kevin & Kevin is not entertaining it. That's not what he's here for.

  2. Say what you want about me, but any interview i see Kevin in online, I find myself checking the time left, because I never want it to end. After a new one I usually go back and watch an old one.
    I know that may seem sus in a comment section, but when you know you're flawed and yet still strive to be the best person you can be every single day, Kevin Hart is always a good way to go. 🙏

  3. Honestly he's funnier in these real interviews than his stand-up, And watching him and Affion Crocket or him snap with Shaq you can understand why he shouldn't fk with Katt Williams. They was saying some corny shit for real

  4. you a comedian bro, we tryna laugh , people have roasts all the time , what do you mean why ? FOR JOKES bro what don’t u get, you a comedian, an y’all both funny, let’s get some laughs in, what do u mean why ? We tryna laugh and see great comedians just be comedians and go at it , versuz has musicians going against musicians, ain’t nobody asking what for ? They just enjoy it and do it for the fans, how do you not get that ? .. Ask Kevin hart about katt Williams and he starts spewing about how he’s saving the world 9 times out of 10.. bro relax, we kno he funnier, it’s not that big a deal .. he be so triggered, he be talking nonstop irrelevant things, when all we want is good spirited competition, just like many legendary entertainers have been doing in this whole versuz thing, but hey, k hart is saving the world, so he doesn’t see the point of it, smh give me a break .. jus say u a bitch and go bro , it’s fine smh

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