KFC and Taco Bell Will Home Deliver Across the Country

KFC and Taco Bell’s home delivery service will soon be available nationwide. The chain’s parent company Yum Brands inked a $200 million deal with Grubhub.

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33 thoughts on “KFC and Taco Bell Will Home Deliver Across the Country

  1. honestly there's nothing more annoying than how taco bell can get such a small, simple and basic order wrong. add a delivery driver to the mix and no way to really fix it for a bigger headache. I mean taco bell is already out of their mind with some of their prices but now they only hire people who can count past 5. I know I'm being petty complaining about fast food but to some people like my mom, who don't often eat anywhere beside at home, getting a yearly order wrong 5/5 times is just beyond disappointing.

    " Ok so that's 6 tacos and 2 drinks…uhhh about 11.. So that'll be overpriced and would you like missing food or drinks? Forget I asked, every employee here is missing a chromosome. Well do both, on the house "

    Also who runs the register at taco bell if being illiterate and unable to count to 10 is mandatory? What's the CEO like? Is he some sort of wizard with ancient knowledge of basic mathematics?

    Welcome to Taco Bell, well be with you right with you once we narcan the cashier up off the bathroom floor. Your change is 15.26. Here's a 1,5 and a nickel.

  2. Wanna know how to make shitty fast food worse. Don't move an inch to get it. order it on your phone that never leaves your side. And have someone bring it right to ya lol

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