Kid Cudi Breaks Down His Most Iconic Tracks | GQ

From ‘Reborn’ to ‘All of the Lights’, Kid Cudi talks his inspirations, sampling Nirvana, and working with Kanye West.

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Kid Cudi Breaks Down His Most Iconic Tracks | GQ


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42 thoughts on “Kid Cudi Breaks Down His Most Iconic Tracks | GQ

  1. Where was Day 'n' night
    Where was Pursuit of Happiness
    Where was Soundtrack to my life
    Where was Mr.rager
    Where was Make her say
    Where was LITERALLY ANYTHING off the man on the moon albums

  2. Kid Cudi breaks down his features on Kanye songs because Kanye is popular and controversial and we just want views would be a better title

  3. Get ur list right gq

    Day n nite
    Pursuit of happiness
    Solo dolo
    Soundtrack 2 my life
    Mr rager
    Scott mescudu vs the world
    By design
    Rose golden
    Baptized in fire
    And now the whole f'ing man on the moon 3 album

  4. This is straight disrespectful. I guess Mr Rager, Scott Mescudi vs The World, Erase Me, Just What I am, Pursuit of Happiness, Day N' Nite, and Heart of a Lion just aren't important huh?

  5. GQ do ur research correctly and put some respect on cudi' name . You better update this and actually use HIS albums and not other peoples albums . Disgusting .

  6. GQ 4D Chessed this so hard. They create this video with Cudi; I see it likely he’s fine just talking about these songs. They then put All of the Lights and KSG cover in the thumbnail. Seeing the title with those guarantees any Cudi fan will be outraged and watch the video, comment, engage with content. Then you’ll go back to Cudi’s discography cause it feels off. Both sides win

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