‘Kids See Ghosts’ Album Hot or Nah? Does 69 Need Industry Support? Wayne Have Any Classics?

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and Wayno are back at it, breaking down all the news they missed from the time off. To kick off the show, Ak and Wayno shared their thoughts on Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s ‘Kids See Ghosts’ album, with Wayno taking the stance that he really didn’t rock with the album because of Ye. Later, the crew discussed Lil Wayne getting out of his Cash Money deal and what that means for the rapper going forward. Of course, the hot takes followed, with neither Akademiks or Wayno saying that Weezy’s ‘Carter III’ album is a classic. To wrap, Akademiks and Nadeska ganged up on Wayno over Lonzo Ball’s new Kyle Kuzma diss song.

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35 thoughts on “‘Kids See Ghosts’ Album Hot or Nah? Does 69 Need Industry Support? Wayne Have Any Classics?

  1. Kids See Ghosts is definitely an album that grows on you. Definitely a classic but maybe not on your first hearing. Once you hear it more, you start to notice small details you may not have picked up on the first hearing and how tightly structured it is.

  2. shit is trash I agree songs were wack but wasnt no man on the moon or graduation type ish. shit was week bars if you like this hot garbage then your on that meth "kakakakakakakakakakakakah-perararararrararrarahhh TRASH!" yeezus revisited

  3. Honestly, I'm seriously done with Complex news after watching this……Bruh if thats what wayno likes…..then he should like this fucking album. Both of these dudes were in a horrible place in life and bounced the fuck back wtf!! Cudi was suicidal asf!!! Kanye was going crazy!!!! Im unsubcribing XD this is stupid asf frfr.

  4. kids see ghost is far from TRASH i cant watch this show anymore horrible host Kanye KSG and Nas isnt talking about killing or selling drugs we need more projects like this for our community

  5. I understand these are opinions and everyone has the right to their opinion, but they couldn't be more wrong. I can see most people in the comments disagree with this video too. This album is great. Not a single song is a skippable. How can someone like Man on the Moon and not like this? It gave me the same feeling. This really makes me wonder what these guys like. This show really became trash after Joe Budden left. Their opinions are trrrraaaassshhhhh.

  6. This is exactly why I come to fantano for reviews not everyday struggle. Theyve never heard anything experimental or psychedelic and probably only wanted synth based heavy drummed raps.

  7. I think I’m full blown in love with nadeska she says she loves reborn, and she was asking for a cudi solo album, I need to marry her. I want her to be the mother of my child.

  8. These niggas trippin' every album and mixtape Wayne put out was a fucking classic. None of these niggas really listen to Lil Wayne, just right before the show to have shit to talk about. No Ceilings (a mixtape) was a classic. Dedication 6/reloaded was amazing and showed that he can still produce the same quality. Saying he might have never had a classic kinda rejects your entire resume my nigga. Weezy is a fucking GOAT🐐🐐🐐

  9. yall buggin kids see ghosts is fire, didn't live up to my expectations but trash? yall buggin b. 4th dimension, reborn, kids see ghosts and cudi montage were str8 fire the rest were decent.

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