KIllmonger Was Right: How the Black Panther’s Villain Stole the Show

The Black Panther Heavy could be returning for Black Panther 2 and just sold out the first issue of his Marvel mini-series.

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31 thoughts on “KIllmonger Was Right: How the Black Panther’s Villain Stole the Show

  1. LMBAO at this BS. Kill monger was about his people freeing THEMSELVES by returning destruction on white folks. This shit had nothing to do with responsibility of young folks. Kill monger is Malcolm X and tchalla is MLK. MLK was wrong

  2. Actually, Nakia was right. She had a similar idea to Erik; however, she wanted to do it the RIGHT way. Erik's way of doing things would have backfired on him.

  3. While, I agree Killmonger was right. I hate how this film ultimately turned Black revolution & protest into a victim, who abuses his fellow Black women. And turned the FBI into a hero. NJadaka a man that couldn't lead a revolution against global oppression, because he was ultimately overcome by his own anger & misery. Both, Magneto & N'Jadaka are (very) loosely based off of Malcolm X (a prominent Civil-Rights leader, & friend to Martin Luther King Jr), yet in the original X-Man cartoon of the 90s, Magneto, while not flawless, was represented as a dignified representation of African descent anger towards American exploitation. T'Challa is cool, but he is still a man who chose to protect the global status quo. The funny thing is, is that NJadaka is more like Martin Luther King Jr than T'Challa. N'Jadaka actually grew up in systemic poverty, witnessed racist power, was proud of his racial identity, & wanted the world to change. T'Challa never says that he is African or Black, he identifies only with his ethnicity (Panther Tribe of Wakanda), but not his connection to none-Wakandan Africans or the Diaspora as a whole.

  4. All honesty I don't think it was wrong for wakanda to stay hidden. Understand that people say the vibranium could have helped the world. But look at the world we live in it's plague by war and greed. and you also got to look at what happened at the end credits when those two national leaders was like what kind of small country of cows and sheep offer the world? Did we also forget that the world miss billing minerals gold diamonds value from Africa for centuries. But at the same time everybody want them to help out with the world that's why I believe that they wasn't wrong for that. But I do believe there was wrong for the gating or not saving or helping the descendants of Africa that's all over the world that's been mistreated throughout history.but at the same time we as black people African-American or Africans to sense having the already too much for our community it's we always submitting and whose fault is that. OurS that thier kind of like there's cuz due to the fact of the brainwashing. When people for the people that blaming President Obama for not doing something for the black community when he was trying to but next question you really have to ask what have you done for the African American community how you set up a black wall Street or a line of communication from every black neighborhood to and rerouted to Africa so we can develop our own trade system so we can help each other know you really haven't you just rest of us running around hoping someone else help you out smoking weed but there's only been a few people that I actually did something or trying to do something but you if you are the only ones that still sending up here complain about oldest person didn't do that for us this day and you haven't change the situation that you live and things you are at fault. I believe the reason why a lot of people so degree will kill my hair cuz yeah they grew up in some of the best situation what is space to what he said the end before he died he was like bury me along with my ancestors in the ocean that's the only lines that y'all resonate with her because you believe that was the hardest thing he chose death. spoiler alert even in the comics he comes back to life this is also marvel universe so a lot of bad s*** happens and also another spoiler alert can I see close the gate because after the civil war it was some other s*** at wind up happening with the freaking red skull day invaded wakanda. killing and stealing mature minerals was caused wakanda to close everything again.

  5. this channel is garbage now. I remember 2016-2017 I would actually watch these. Every comment section would be filled with Natasha and Beija comments, along with the usual fraiser and Jason Block hate comments. Good times 😢

  6. So killmonger says exactly why hes bitter and its wasnt the fucling military that was a strategic move to get the experience to kill. Lets be honest killmonger hated whute people am i wrong i could of swore he broke it all the way down.

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