Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism Over ‘Bo Derek Braids’

Kim Kardashian is facing heat from folks on social media for what they are saying is cultural appropriation. The reality television star posted a video showing off her newly done cornrows and called them “Bo Derek braids,” in reference to the white American film actress.

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41 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism Over ‘Bo Derek Braids’

  1. Fuck that BoDeck whatever the fuck her name is that bitch who is white didn't create shit, y'all need to quit telling us to shut the fuck up about what is offensive to MY kind. If you're not black or ever felt what that shit feels like your opinions are being ignored PERIOD.

  2. This is what happen when black men give white bytches wayyyyy too much power. First you hand our children off to them and now you've given them permission and encouragement to siphon off of our culture. This (which is one of many examples) is why the AA community is dying. Meanwhile white folks are just laughing and laughing. Thanks to bm's like Kanye.

  3. So she's getting bashed on for not giving credit to the right person/group? But if she did give credit to whoever, wouldn't people still give her shit for wearing braids and not being black? You can't win.

    What's next? What if I make a calzone or cannoli and don't credit the Italian origin of the food? I'm not Italian. Is that going to end up being the next level of cultural appropriation? Are people going to start getting offended if you eat or make food that's from a different culture? Do you hear how fucking stupid that sounds? Tf

    There are important issues that everyone should be putting their time and energy into, definitely not this.

  4. Omg omfg!!!! People turn more into a bitch every fucking year, like just stfu worry about your fucking self, that culture appropriation is fucking dumb people should be able to do wtf they want tf

  5. Who cares….nasty bitch famous for nothinh… Kim's followers are dumber than she is… think about how difficult that is to achieve. Screw the whole retarded family

  6. Those braids in particular are afrucan originated braids, not asian, not european. Saying that they cldidnt come from so called blacks is correct because there was no white man around to create the racial construct of racial classification. Its african, period!

  7. Today I saw a black guy playing on his IPhone. I called him out for culturally appropriating technology. Also I asked him to take off his jeans, remove the bracelets and leave his car for good

  8. If this is such a big deal then why isn't black women having straight hair not cultural appropriation? I know none of yall black women have naturally straight hair smh

  9. Fuck sake so only black people are allowed to have braids? Fuck off. Let people dress the way they want. And if you’re going by that logic, every black woman throw your weaves away because your appropriating white peoples hair

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