Kim Kardashian Wants to See Donald Trump ‘Succeed’

Last week, the celebrity machine reached a new gear when Kim Kardashian West neither confirmed nor denied she would consider a career in politics, sidestepping the question by saying “Never say never!”

Kim recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter at the launch of her KKW Beauty pop-up shop in Los Angeles—which she revealed was designed by the same team that does Kanye West’s shows. She denied any real political aspirations, but the talk steered to more serious topics when Kim was asked about Alice Marie Johnson, the woman who recently received clemency from President Donald Trump after a long, media-heavy campaign steered by Kim herself.

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46 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Wants to See Donald Trump ‘Succeed’

  1. Leftist 'news' trying to hit on his 'success' once again. But really, why put success in quotes? All they're saying when they dont want him to succeed is that they want America to fail. They're anti-American. They've been saying it since day 1. "Not my President!" I take it you arent American then? You must be the Russians we keep hearing about.

  2. That’s not news it’s basic shit she wants trump to do well so he doesn’t ruin us as a country just like everyone else she doesn’t like trump but she’s got to keep that relationship with him at the end of the day the way she moves got the one lady out

  3. No shit complex. If you dont want the president of the United States to do well, then guess what dumbfucks you dont want America to do well.

  4. Who wouldn’t want to see a president succeed? That’s the one thing I hate about all this trump stuff. Yeah you may not like him, but wouldn’t you still hope he does well?…

  5. There’s nothing problematic or “eyebrow raising” about wanting the incumbent president to succeed. You don’t really have much options. He’s all you have at the moment.

  6. Complex is wack and pathetic loser liberal babies…..5 mins ago they were sucking off the kardashians now they think they are crazy….complex views are going down, usually just as man dislikes as likes if not more….

  7. Succeed in what ??? Bigotry ? Fascism? , oppression? , disrespect ? Dictating the US ? Kim your so out of touch.. You and your Corny Husband …. when it all boils down your true agenda will show it self ….jus like when Kanye said that blasphemy about slavery it was just to butter trump up so you can go to the WH to talk to trump … just because you did a good deed doesn’t mean deception isn’t playing a part

  8. i kinda can understand what shes saying….as a president we should ultimately want the best 4 him and or overall country which would be run through him succeeding. at the sametime her trying to see from both sides is a bit stupid considering shes been rich all her life

  9. People in our country are absolutely insane if they don't want our president to succeed if he doesn't succeed we don't succeed. and I love how everybody's bypassing everything great that he's done so far… Our economy is booming better than it has an many years Unemployment down more than it has been in many many years.
    It seems like all the Democrats and lefties would have rather us get Nuked by North Korea then to see Donald Trump succeed. It's really sad.
    Where were all these people when Obama was separating children from their parents. It just seems that Democrat are total hypocrites.
    All I know is I just want a better country a better future for my children and if we have open borders it's not going to be good for us. Just look at Germany is right now and the UK it's really sad. I live in the most AMAZING country in the world and I want it to stay that way. I am truly blessed. God bless everyone.

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