Kobe Bryant Responds to Kanye West’s Slavery Comments: ‘The Hell Are You Talking About?’

From Stevie Wonder to G Herbo, a number of stars have shared their own takes on Kanye West’s controversial comments about slavery. Now, Kobe Bryant has some thoughts of his own. Kobe, who was speaking to a group of Los Angeles high school students at an event called We Rise LA, was asked by a junior reporter about his first reaction to the rapper’s controversial statement, TMZ reports.

“I’m sure the same way everyone else here in this room [feels]… the hell are you talking about?” he said. He went on to explain that while Americans should enjoy the right to free speech (and, as West would probably argue, free thought), you can’t ignore the backlash that might come along with it. “The thing about our country is that you have the right to say whatever it is that you want to say,” Bryant explained. “Conversely, you also have to take the responses that come after that as well because everybody has the freedom to say what it is that they feel… I just take it for what it is and completely disagree.”

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27 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Responds to Kanye West’s Slavery Comments: ‘The Hell Are You Talking About?’

  1. 37 koby's wrong. we don't have 'freedom of speech' , the backlash of which you need to be prepared for; we have relative freedom of speech. can you yell BOMB on a plane full of passengers during flight? can i rally folks to kill the President using a megaphone during sermon in church? can i say you should join isis to children walking home from school, even if im a hundred feet away yelling or speaking it? and don't mistake this comment such you assume erroneously that im saying these are things people should say or do; im NOT saying that, check again. im 'proving' the point that we don't have 'freedom of speech' and without mentioning every law on the books ill remind people there is no land of the free and the brave either; there are lands of relative freedom with some brave people and some cowards living there. THAT is the TRUTH!

  2. Kanye was speaking with TMZ not the world. Regardless if they posted it. So no one should have anyting to say about what he said or his beliefs. This is term that everyone has used befor "Mind your own f**king business"

  3. "ban guns" – snoop
    "it sounds like choosing slavery, not like black slavery, i mean like now we're in a mental prison" -kayne
    "end free speech" -daz
    "wth is kanye talking about?" -kobe
    "joing the crips is choosing to be a slave"

  4. I really feel that everyone should watch Kevin's Corner video on this whole Kanye slavery comment fiasco. It really shows how the media take words out of context & makes Kanye look like the bad guy despite the fact that he's pretty garbage at explaining himself about whatever he's talking about. Really interesting

  5. I just hope you guys know Kanye is talking about modern day mental slavery where people in modern day society don’t think for themselves and are chained to the ideologies of other people in the media and other outlets. This is another TERRIBLE case of the media taking things out of context and then mass producing that lie. What a shame, Kanye just wanted some album sales.

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