Kobe Wins an Oscar; Does Kawhi Deserve a Signature Shoe? | Out of Bounds

Black Mamba strikes again! Last night, at the 90th annual Academy Awards, Kobe added to his impressive trophy collection when he won the “Best Animated Short” Oscar for “Dear Basketball.” Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew rank the win among his many accomplishments and debate if it changes the GOAT conversation between him and Michael Jordan. Next, Gil and the guys discuss whether the NFL Scouting Combine — where some prospects have performed poorly — is important or total BS, considering teams have actual game footage to help determine if players are any good. Then, following reports that extension talks have broken down between Jordan Brand and Spurs star Kawhi Leonard, Gil keeps it all the way real in “Secure the Bag” and determines Kawhi’s market value, whether or not he deserves a signature shoe, and where he’s most likely to sign his next shoe deal. Finally, with Floyd Mayweather Jr. telling TMZ he’s developing a boxing video game, the OOB boys say what they want to see in his game before getting into heavyweight star Deontay Wilder’s latest win. See why Wilder blows Gil’s mind, and not in a good way.

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47 thoughts on “Kobe Wins an Oscar; Does Kawhi Deserve a Signature Shoe? | Out of Bounds

  1. As a boxing fan hearing Gilbert’s comments on Deontay is hilarious because he’s right and he’s not even a boxing fan like that lol… “This ain’t no real fight” “It looks like he’s never been trained” lol… I always say Deontay lives up to his last name…

  2. …Hmmmm. giving a rapist an Oscar in the middle of the #metoo movement…The irony…Not discrediting his work but it just shows…Power and fame can get away with anything….If I was a rapist the only award I would win is a free salad toss from the inmates.

  3. Damn… I definitely would have had a better combine than Orlando Brown Jr.
    In HS I ran a 5.1 and benched 225lbs16 times. And I was 5'10 170lbs!

    Right now, I bench about the same, but I'm probably a lot slower. LOL!

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