Kodak Black’s Lawyer Thinks Rapper’s Recent Arrest Was Suspicious

There was something fishy about Kodak Black’s recent arrest. At least that’s what the rapper’s lawyer believes.

According to TMZ, attorney Bradford Cohen has filed legal documents in an effort to depose three officers involved with the home raid that resulted in Kodak’s arrest earlier this month. The lawyer is reportedly questioning the legitimacy of his client’s charges, and wants to know why there is no body cam footage of the sweep. Cohen also wants to find out why the gang task force was involved with the arrest.

On Jan. 18, authorities stormed Kodak’s Florida home after they found out he was engaging in illegal activity during an Instagram Live broadcast. The video allegedly captured the “Tunnel Vision” rapper and his entourage rolling joints and handling a firearm. Kodak’s infant child also appeared in the broadcast.

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44 thoughts on “Kodak Black’s Lawyer Thinks Rapper’s Recent Arrest Was Suspicious

  1. Kodak a nigga like me. He on papers he want to get high so go to jail get high for 6months come out and see yo probation officer with dirty miss. So he can get high up to a week after he get out.

  2. Has anyone actually seen this livestream? I mean I think it would be on the internet somewhere if it happened. Why would he need to steal a gun if he could just have someone else buy it for him? Is it a coincidence he releases the roll in peace video and a couple days later his house gets raided? Smells like some fishy pussy to me.

  3. damn bro i️ know you got fucked for smokin weed but u gotta want better for kodak. u know that shit is unnecessary cmon. i’m from Massachusetts that shit is completely
    legal (if ur 21). but regardless, it just seems like the legal system targets these rappers like meek mill, kevin gates, and kodak. why the legal system wanna take these artists away from the game? i️ know kodak has some really explicit charges but smokin weed and havin a strap, cmon. i’m sorry but that’s in every music video put out. positive energy only!!

  4. I couldn't really care less especially with his kid there in the room. As a father who has had cps and courts on my ass just for allegedly smoking weed. I have no sympathy whatsoever

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