47 thoughts on “Kramer’s Racist Comedy Show

  1. Kramer wasn't a professional stand-up comedian. Everybody knows a stand-up comedian has to think fast on their feet for those unexpected interruptions that do happen. I've seen Jamie Foxx Richard Pryor Robin Williams Rodney Dangerfield Dave Chappelle and other stand up acts show the ability to come up with quick one-liners when they're dealing with hecklers. Kramer had nothing and was totally unprepared, that's why he snapped

  2. Black people can obviously forgive Michael Richards, but white people are not justified in saying black people should not feel hurt and should forgive him. How can white people begin to understand how something like this feels if you’re black?

  3. Micheal Richards used a word that they call each other every day ! ..no I'm not offended ..i give zero fucks about stupid assholes that basicly interrupted the show ! People paid to see Micheal Richards ! Not those two assholes ! …he should have left race out of it .

  4. best version i've seen so far, longest at least. but sure is ironic how the initiating act, I'M ALLEGING… by that brave poor man he so gravely offended was conveniently edited out and missing from history. can we all just talk about the patrice o'neal album title? and just move on. i mean yea on one hand a race riot almost started but on the other hand cooler minds prevailed and time heals all wounds. also there's respawns prolly when you get to a certain level so chill. nothin really funny to go with to replace that last sentence i could think of but i'm open to suggestions. but be sure to hashtag them #whiteprivilege not yet?? sigh. someday mlk's dream will come true. some sunny day. if you think im tasteless then your just a racist. #stickstongueoutemoji

  5. Wait.. Why do ppl call him kramer ? Why does he do stand-up ? Why were people mad for so long at him even after his apology ? What in the actual fuck is going on with youtube recommending me these vids about him and this incident ?

  6. Put his ass in prison unsupervised! The only N word that will be coming out of that mouth would be Noooooooooo!He would be the best wide receiver in history by the time of his release !

  7. The cast of Seinfeld better be glad this happened when it did. If it happened now, Seinfeld would be taken out of syndication and all that income would be gone. All of them but perhaps Jerry need it.

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