KTM RC390 Akrapovic ‘open’ exhaust SOUNDCHECK

(Headphones recommended for best listening)

Just a few videos demonstrating the awesome sound the RC390 makes with the official Akrapovic KTM powerpart accessory slip on exhaust, the bike has the Akrapovic remap for this exhaust too.


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16 thoughts on “KTM RC390 Akrapovic ‘open’ exhaust SOUNDCHECK

  1. I am sorry man, but the link you left no longer opens the page!
    I'm trying to understand what you did in detail to be able to match it on my rc390.
    What to do .. what to buy .. and all the rest.
    You could kindly list what you bought and set to get this result, I would be too grateful, believe me!
    I have only one doubt, at the end of all the work, will I be able to circulate safely on the street? Have you ever had problems with the police?
    I am Italian, probably there will be different laws, but just to understand
    Thank you very much for your attention!

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