Kyrie Irving Reacts to Cavaliers’ Massive Roster Overhaul

The Cavaliers pulled off a series of trades just before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday and practically rebuilt their roster on the fly. Former Cleveland star Kyrie Irving was asked about it on Thursdaynight after the Celtics’ game against the Wizards. He had the reaction you would probably expect when he responded to a reporter’s question about the Cavaliers’ wild day.

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46 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Reacts to Cavaliers’ Massive Roster Overhaul

  1. “Kyrie won’t recognize some of the faces on the other side of the ball.”
    Are you fucking kidding me acting like Nance, Clarkson, Hill, Hood are just some bums off the street. Stay away from sports news complex this some trash

  2. I'm optimistic but to everyone that says that the Cleveland Cavaliers are a better team now after these trades, I will have to believe that when I see it. Once Kyrie Irving said he wanted to be traded last year I figured this season would probably be tougher for the Cavs. Russell Westbrook did it in Oklahoma with James Harden and Kevin Durrant. Screw the money. Why would these two All-star caliber players want to leave the Thunder? Russell wanted to be the #1 on that team clearly, just like Kobe Bryant wanted to be the #1 on the Lakers while Shaquille O'Neal was there and still playing at a high level. You get what you want then deal with it. LeBron is clearly the only #1 player here that will change teams if it gets him closer to winning a Championship. Unless the Cavaliers really improve or add some other players in the off season that can really help the Cavaliers improve sooner than later then I don't expect LeBron to stay in Cleveland. They got rid of a lot of guys.

  3. Kyrie is a genius to have seen this all coming and avoid it . It just shows you how bad the Cavs organization is because of Lebron James! Lebron is a road block for players who play with him and want to become great. He wants to belittle his teammates and reduce their roles to allow him to shine the brightest and come off as the primary reason for any success they have and that is a terrible person to play with! Nice work kyrie way to dodge a bullet bro !

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