Kyrie Irving Suggests That Cleveland “Didn’t Want” Him

Kyrie Irving’s off-season transition from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics sent shockwaves throughout all of basketball. Despite the move, Kyrie has flourished in his new, and improved role, and the all-star guard finally opens up about the move.

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36 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Suggests That Cleveland “Didn’t Want” Him

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  2. I love how kyrie bitchass didn’t say shit in first take but a new year emerges and now he wanna speak I guess he don’t think the world is flat no more ahahahahaha

  3. Fuck compLex lets just get that out the way. Im sick of kyrie who tf mentions the cavs and lebron (before kyrie left/last season) with out mentioning kyrie. He’s being a bitch about it like bro you left cleveland they didn’t leave him I don’t understand his thought process leave it alone and move on

  4. My son is kyrie Irving biggest fan, I have to get pregnant by him, so I can surprise my son on his birthday. Does anyone one know how to contact kyrie Irving.

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