L.O.E “Loyalty Over Everything” – “What’s Wrong Wit Em” (Official Music Video – WSHH Heatseekers)

WSHH Heatseekers for “What’s Wrong Wit Em”” by L.O.E “Loyalty Over Everything” (King K, D-Werd, Young Scratt, P.O.P Diesel).
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L.O.E is back with another banger that is flooding the streets. Fresh off performing at the BET Awards. King K, Young Scratt, D-Werd, P.O.P. Diesel get together to let everyone know they aren’t playing this year with their smash hit “What’s Wrong Wit Em”.

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Song Mixed by: @IamShadHitz & @AdamKorbesmeyer
Mastered by: @GSMastering
Shot by: @14Kongo
Produced by: BeatStars
Script Written by: @TheLick_216

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39 thoughts on “L.O.E “Loyalty Over Everything” – “What’s Wrong Wit Em” (Official Music Video – WSHH Heatseekers)

  1. jesus fucking christ, no. whatever idiotic classmates, siblings, PARENTS (who undoubtably financed this little after school fuckery) who let these absolute definiton of incels go on thinking they are in any way ever going to achieve or amount to literally anything at all putting this kind of mindless garbage out in the worlds atmosphere for all of us poor random late night Youtube clickers to have to be exposed to is not only doing their wack ass loved one a disservice by allowing them to go on embarrassing themselves in everyway imaginable that will quite literally likely be far too much to bare once this kid isn't a kid anymore and looks back on his middle school years with such shame as it will never be able to be forgotten or lived down in this lovely internet age and I would probably just end it all because the sad reality that this is the peak for all of these boys lives is just unimaginably depressing and cruel. These boys classmates should do them a favor now even though it quite frankly too late and yall should have been clowning on these guys so hard long before they ever attempted to release this absolute pile of human excremente and you would have saved the ears of many including my own. That poor girl actually had so little respect for herself that it was actually worth the $50 they probably paid her to be the only girl in the video that they are trying to convince everyone that they actually have any girl "fucking on him and his team" LmaooooOo Im dying, im sorry I had to get this out of my system for it was just so shocking to my system and brain to comprehend how kids keep being allowed to actual show the world to what extent they are and will continue to fail at everything they do in life, literally. I actually feel kinda bad now roasting these boys so hard for they just never had a chance and I'm sorry kids that I wasn't kidding when I said you will likely be 30 still having to live this feeble attempt at a rap career down and you will be going down 30 year old virgin road with the lyrics to this song forever ingrained in your brain wondering at what point in your life you and your parents went so so wrong to where this is the kind of person you so proudly represent yourself as. Anywho, thanks for the sheer amazement and laughs. I hope you one day get the therapy you will surely need to persevere, hey WorldStar you are also fucking up majorly right now and like one of the comments also said… its not to late to just take this down and pretend it never happened, spare these poor poor fools.

  2. the thing about rapping about killing and shooting is that's what your market becomes and when you want to leave and do genre bending things you cant because they know you for Gun Talk and you'll have to keep it up because thats the wave and then you end up shot because all you rap about is guns and pulling up that's the life you live.

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