Lakeith Stanfield On Playing The Joker, Lil Rel On Soulmates & The Photograph With Issa Rae

Complex News’ Speedy Morman sat down with stars of the new movie LaKeith Stanfield and Lil Rel after a special screening of their new film, “The Photograph”. They talked about the themes of the movie, what LaKeith is looking for in the perfect Joker script and Lil Rel’s game plan for the NBA Celebrity All-Star game in Chicago.

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17 thoughts on “Lakeith Stanfield On Playing The Joker, Lil Rel On Soulmates & The Photograph With Issa Rae

  1. No way, no how. I have been a fan for 40 years and if they go the woke, affirmative action route to casting the greatest villain of all time…. fuck that. Why not create another character instead of shitting on everything guys like me grew up on. I can't wait until I am dead and gone from this bullshit.

  2. I love the term black love, I think the creation of the black race as we wore torn from the root from our connection to our African for fathers, the trauma sustained from that and how black peoples relationships took on deeper meaning and impotence to grow as a “nation” and redefine our blackness and cope with our traumatic experience still being felt today…”black love” is something very unique to our disposition as a people’s in America

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