‘Last Jedi’ Comic Book Adaptation Shows Rey Never Actually ‘Beat’ Luke Skywalker

If only Luke Skywalker had been looking out for those rocks.

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39 thoughts on “‘Last Jedi’ Comic Book Adaptation Shows Rey Never Actually ‘Beat’ Luke Skywalker

  1. WTF just insult fans even more that's harsh, Us collectors buy your merchandise and not just star wars, but those ending insults just made it clear I am not buying any more disney crap, and Us collectors also buy for our friends and families kids as well as our own, but forget that

  2. Ep 9 spoilers ray uses a galaxy wide mind trick so everyone worships her. Chewy shaved down his canines and goes full soy vegan . Finn and tico get married and open up a porg rescue society. Dun dun dun wait there’s more . Finn for the last 10 years has been cheating on poor tico with Poe causing a huge divorce but as tico try’s to get away she runs outta gas

  3. Pisses me off how every major channel addresses star wars fans who watched, loved and understands all the star wars movies like stuck up middle aged fat white males with a pony tale.
    FORCE AWAKENS- tolerable
    ROGUE ONE – good star wars movie
    LAST JEDI- wack!!
    SOLO- who cares
    They adress them like that cuz that's what the new star wars direction wants LGBT ruined star wars smh

  4. Both in canon and legends grandmaster Luke Skywalker (the one in the new movies) is the strongest known force user excluding Abeloth so regardless of how fast she gets her powers she isn’t stronger than Luke

  5. I'm gonna have to call Natasha out because they just being handed her powers with no progression is some bull shit most female and male characters have had to earn there powers and trained to become the characters we love

  6. The “fanboys” got a point. Luke got his ass kicked in his first lightsaber fight, and so did his father, but Rey done beat everyone she’s come against, that’s why crazy Star Wars fans hate her.

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