LaVar Ball Delivers An Ultimatum To the Lakers

LaVar Ball is being his usual, controversial self once again. He’s demanding that the Lakers sign his sons LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball. LaVar says that if they don’t, Lonzo will leave the Lakers and sign with any team that takes in all three brothers.

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33 thoughts on “LaVar Ball Delivers An Ultimatum To the Lakers

  1. See this is the fu*king problem. Lavar makes it all about him and takes the spotlight away from his sons!!!! His sons got to find there own path and do what they want too do. Not what there father wants. I respect em for being in his sons life 100% and backing em no matter what but he got to change his ways and do things a lil differently.

  2. Theyre gonna end up with NOTHING. He's in over his head. Shoes aren't doing well, show is on YouTube, and they all live together. Keep it up and that new car will be repoed, and no one will be movong out.

  3. If in three years, the ball brothers actually play great basketball. Why not?
    It's just a fall back plan anyway. It's definitely risky as hell.

    Melo and Gelo can still improve.

    And the NBA is an entertainment business. People want to see the ball brothers. I mean Lavar got people watching the worst team in the LKL.

  4. Bruh even if lonzo dips the last thing you want is any basketball team out of the nba to be making headlines money and attention like bruh it’s more crazy to see 3 brothers balling out that. One super star or two in a team like factz

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