LaVar Ball Reignites Trump Feud With #StayInYoLane’ Tweet

LaVar Ball has re-sparked his feud with President Donald Trump that started back in November. Ball took to Twitter Saturday to gloat after an ESPN report revealed that Trump likely overstated his involvement in securing the release of LiAngelo Ball and two other members of UCLA’s basketball team—Cody Riley and Jalen Hill—after a shoplifting incident in China.

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40 thoughts on “LaVar Ball Reignites Trump Feud With #StayInYoLane’ Tweet

  1. yeah he said he would run into a school and save everybody too, yeah right. He knows more than the generals do too right. He's getting Mexico to build a wall too, yeah that's also a go. Trump has been the worst president in American history fact He can't even keep anybody in the white house long enough to get things done because he's trash, and nobody wants to work with his goofy ass. He wants his own daughter and son-in-law to get top security clearances and they never governed anything in their entire life, why, why America let's this man do anything, because he's white.
    Ivanka and Jared does not need top level security clearance. Get them out of there.
    this just in, I forgot they got businesses allegedly tied to Russia, wink wink, allegedly, emphasis on allegedly. I don't know, we've never seen Donald taxes yet. kiki
    if Obama thought about anything like this, he would have been impeached.

  2. Maybe its me but i find it funny how when the news first dropped about this espn had a whole debate whether or not lavar should have said thank you to trump but now that the truth is out that trump really didnt do shit now espn wanna be quiet…

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