LeBron and Cavs Unfazed by Lance Stephenson; Raptors Falling Apart Again? | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, Gilbert Arenas is back from China and dishes to the #OutofBounds crew about his travels as Agent Zero, International Man of Mystery. Able to put aside their understandable jealousy, the team talks Sunday’s busy slate of Game 4’s.

The Bucks tied their series with the Celtics in Milwaukee, but considering the C’s have been without stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, should Giannis and company feel good about this being a competitive series? And, following Marcus Morris complaining about getting a tech, has playoff refereeing been any better than it was in the regular season?

The Spurs avoided elimination with Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green shooting terribly, but is the feel-good moment worth a delay of the Warriors-Pelicans series Gil wants to see? The Raptors went to Washington up 2-0 and looking dominant, but now they’re heading back to Toronto tied 2-2 with the Wizards. Given their history of playoff inconsistency, how worried should the Raptors be?

Lance Stephenson’s antics haven’t proved effective in stopping LeBron and the Cavs, but are they actually hurting the Pacers? Plus, how many fire emojis should Cleveland get in “Fire Fit” for their uniform black suit look?

Then, looking forward to tonight’s Game 4’s, OOB asks what the Timberwolves blowing out the Rockets in Game 3 means for the series and specifically for Karl-Anthony Towns, who finally came alive after struggling in his first two playoff games. The Thunder are in a 2-1 hole and have been letting rookie Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio — who’s not known for his scoring — go off on them. What is OKC doing wrong and how can they stop Pretty Ricky? The Pelicans completed a sweep of the Blazers on Saturday night in a playoff twist, and while Anthony Davis was dominant as usual, he got a lot of help from Jrue Holiday, Rajon Rondo, and Nikola Mirotic. Are the Pelicans a threat to win it all now? And what should Portland do in the offseason?

Finally, in “Fair or Foul?” Gil and the guys weigh in on Dana White and the UFC possibly signing disgraced NFL lineman Greg Hardy — who has an ugly history of domestic violence — as a fighter. Beyond the moral question, how would signing Hardy affect the UFC brand?

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41 thoughts on “LeBron and Cavs Unfazed by Lance Stephenson; Raptors Falling Apart Again? | Out of Bounds

  1. I've been on the Jrue Holiday train forever…he has been underrated, but he wasn't focused either through the injuries and clear personal issues…What I will say is Golden state has more reliable defenders to face him…Blazers didn't have it and that is why CJ needs to be traded for a better fit next to Dame, but they seem content to not matter…Not many Defensive stars to pair with Dame that can hit 3s, but if I can trade CJ and get Aaron Gordon and Hezonja type…is that enough…?

    CJ and Leonard to Philly is something if Philly is okay with losing JJ to FA…sending Covington, Bayless and Fultz to Blazers…Then Philly would have to scramble to resign guys on wink contracts (Belinelli/Ersan)…develop Justin Andersen as a defender….but CJ, Embiid, Simmons (sheesh)…Blazers get a young asset in Fultz that they can (fix hopefully to build on his glimpses) and real wing that can defend and hit shots giving them few guys that are problems for opposing teams to score on with Harkless, Evans, Covington and Aminu…Bayless will be an expiring contract next year I believe and they can package that with other assest they are trying to dump to get a real 4…maybe Aaron Gordon level guy a possibility?

    We'll see what that team is worth…get rid of Stots and bring in a better coach…why not Mark Jackson there? Paul Allen is not looking for a Buddy to coach his team…want results at this stage…

  2. The show is great but I don’t like how they introduced Greg Hardy. Ok we all know he has domestic violence issues but the man is trying to channel his anger in a positive direction which is FIGHTING. If it was a Connor y’all wouldn’t be crucifying him.

  3. Cap giving wiggins crap for having to change his role for ball dominant bums like Teague and Crawford and Taj Gibson, if wiggins was on any other team he would be dropping 30 like what you expect it’s all situational.

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