LeBron James and Kevin Durant Respond to Fox News Host’s ‘Shut Up and Dribble’ Comment

Both LeBron James and Kevin Durant have responded to Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s “shut up and dribble” comment about the pair voicing their opinions about President Donald Trump.

Both James and Durant have long been critical of Trump, and their interview with ESPN’s Cari Champion was no different when politics came up. The undertones of Ingraham’s words were not lost on either player. James took to Instagram with a picture of a neon sign proclaiming he’s “more than an athlete” and coined a new hashtag on the caption: #Wewillnotshutupanddribble.

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32 thoughts on “LeBron James and Kevin Durant Respond to Fox News Host’s ‘Shut Up and Dribble’ Comment

  1. They're right Trump should drop everything and focus on black People. Eight years of Obama doing nothing for the black People and not a peep from these over paid adults playing a game making millions of Dallas. At least Trump is trying to create jobs to put more people to work so they can take care of themselves. Obama did nothing for black People. Even my brothers keeper was a scam and the money disappeared.

  2. Rich Black NBA men crying because a White woman told them to shut up and play basketball, we sure have moved far away from Blacks crying about unequal civil rights and police racial brutality.

  3. Jj watt he’s not polician he raised money for what happen in Texans Donald trump wasn’t polician he’s in the office he openly racist he open the doors for all racist undercover one.. so lebron James n Kevin Durant voice his opinion she has a problem with it because they r Black very ignorant comments

  4. The government really wants the US to be just like those countries they criticize like North Korea and Muslim Nations where there is no free speech or free exchange of information….but to try and go that route would mean the undoing of the status quo, and the current situation is lucrative so they remain just oppressive enough so the country never revolts.

  5. Love or hate Lebron to say he spoilt is to undermine his success. He has one of the biggest rags to riches story’s in sporting history. That was strait disrespectful what she said about his career.

  6. I'm 16 and only have a Secondary school level education as of yet, but in a 5-minute segment I would entirely humiliate this stuck-up, bigot of woman. She is so condescending and belittling, simply on the basis of athletes low education level (eg going from high school to the NBA), she states that as a reason for them to not comment on political issues. Whereas if everyone who doesn't have a good education and/or has little knowledge on politics listened to this logic, who would even vote? Wouldn't that be a rights violation in them not being able to express their opinion? Society would be even more biased in terms of the upper echelons of society dictating over the people, as these well-educated upper class snobs would be the only ones running for office, and we know Capitalists only support fellow Capitalists. The actual president for crying out loud doesn't even have a political background, he only has an educational background of Real-Estate and Economics, which originated by millions of dollars of funding from his daddy for crying out loud. So by this same trivial logic, therefore he shouldn't be a politician – who's daily life revolves around political comments. Laura Ingraham's entire mannerisms throughout that segment just kept on visibly giving off this aura that she and others who think like her, or who have an education as good as hers, are superior to those who are different. Everyone has the right of free speech, and whatever platform you have that right should be exercised on it, and it is unconstitutional and simply abominable to suggest that an individual should be stripped of this entitlement, due to the degree of their education.

  7. Fuck Leflop James. He is an Entertainer Athlete and does not affect shit in anybody's lives. If he wants to get political, he should shut the fuck up and run for office

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