LeBron James Calls Out the NCAA & Says It’s Corrupt

LeBron James did not play college basketball, and clearly he did not need to. He was an impact player in the NBA straight out of high school. The No. 1 pick in the 2003 draft, LeBron went on to win the 2004 Rookie of the Year award.

LeBron was one of the lucky top prospects who was able to declare for the NBA Draft straight from high school. Since 2006, draftees have been required to be at least 19 years of age and be one year removed from high school in order to be declared eligible.

The “prep-to-pro era,” which began with Kevin Garnett, ran from 1995-2005. A number of standout NBA players made the leap straight from high school—LBJ, Big Ticket, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and Dwight Howard, among others.

As long as top prospects are forced to play college ball, shady practices will be associated with the recruiting process. A number of programs, including Louisville and Arizona, have recently come under fire for going to crazy and illegal lengths to lure top recruits. In light of those stories, the broken NCAA system is a talking point around the hoops world.

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43 thoughts on “LeBron James Calls Out the NCAA & Says It’s Corrupt

  1. People have being saying the NCAA is a fraud. Think about all the commercial that be on during to all NCAA games and all that. Now think about all they money they get. Now this the kicker the NCAA if I'm right says it doesn't take money for commercial but we know that's a lie.

  2. Much respect to LeBron…..he spit all facts…they been running that game for the longest!…"free education" my ass!…knowing good and well….they got classes like candlemaking 101 and don't even go to those because the school wants them in the gym training….their job at those schools are to play ball….they just don't get paid.

  3. "Damn, Tamara must got cha niggahz shook" lml. and yes if u ask i am one of Tamara's hoes lol. seriously though since her and jinx departure this shyt super dry now….now we stuck with eeehhh an okay baddie mexican joint, and the corniest black dude in the world with the glasses…..smfh damn cuh

  4. something is wrong these colleges making millions of dollars and the person(s) generating that revenue does not get a dime! should be a fund for the players and when they reach 21 they get money from that fund!

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