LeBron’s NBA Finals Greatness, Kobe’s Book and Adrian Peterson’s Exit | Out of Bounds

On this episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell and Pierce Simpson are joined by CBS Sports analyst, Brian Jones. The guys get ready for the NBA Finals by putting LeBron’s eight straight Finals appearances in perspective as it compares to the accomplishments of Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and other legendary career achievements. Also, in the spirit of another chapter in the Warriors and Cavs rivalry, the guys rank the best Finals matchups in NBA history.

No stranger to NBA Finals glory, Kobe Bryant has announced plans to release a book, ‘The Mamba Mentality’ about his career and craft. Gil and the crew discuss what they want to learn from Kobe and what they wish he includes about his playing days.

While Kobe is looking back at his career, another future hall of famer, Adrian Peterson just may be coming to the end of his time on the gridiron, whether he likes it or not. So the guys figure out why athletes tend to hang on too long, and how they should go about planning their exit strategy from the game.

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42 thoughts on “LeBron’s NBA Finals Greatness, Kobe’s Book and Adrian Peterson’s Exit | Out of Bounds

  1. Only emotional bias illogical fake fans who don't know professional SPORTS are a BUSINESS,think KD,Bron or any other player RUINED THE LEAGUE! Free agents are FREE,for a reason,why not go a team that has a good chance at winning titles,only losers wannabe on BAD TEAMS. Lebron the GOAT tho,HE,went to 8 straight finals as the best player in the LEAGUE,on 2 different teams,no other player has ever been that dominant in a more than 10 team league. #CommonSenseAintCommon

  2. Bulls weren't beating the Rockets like it was a layup or something…Bulls lucked up never having to play a real dominant BIG…And NO I don't respect Shaq as scorer, because he was (especially in the Orlando days) was limited in how he effected the game…Ewing was gimpy and limited…who else? Neither of those guys were as good as Hakeem…Add in crazy wings that talked trash, weren't scared and wouldn't have a problem getting physical with Jordan…Rockets would have been fine.

    People have to stop acting like Jordan himself was flawless and every Finals game he played he was perfect…Those teams were good and their opponents were never the favored or had the best player…On talent/impact Hakeem at a point could look Jordan eye yo eye imo…he was a two way guy as well, scored at will as well…made his teammates better as well…won as well…had ego as well…but he was 7ft and Bulls had no match up for him in 94/95 that would have made sense…

    Have to go back and look at regular season, but I believe Bulls didn't fair well against Houston in the season…and if MJ is as godly and competitive as folks build the mythology up to saying it was "only" regular season doesn't apply…

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