LeBron’s Teammate Explains His Refusal to Enter The Game During Blowout

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Rodney Hood spoke with reporters on Thursday to address reports that he refused to check into Game 4 in the fourth quarter. The Athletic reports that Hood was told by Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue to get onto the court with 7:38 remaining and his team up by 30 points, but he refused, which led to Jose Calderon coming into the game instead.

According to the Basketball Insiders’ Spencer Davies, Hood has already apologized to Lue for the way he handled the situation. Earlier today, Hood delivered his side of the story to the media, explaining that his refusal to enter the game had more to do with getting teammate Jose Calderon some playing time than his disinterest in stepping onto the court in a blowout.

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37 thoughts on “LeBron’s Teammate Explains His Refusal to Enter The Game During Blowout

  1. I used to always say LeBron has a chance to be the greatest of all time but he will never be, I know that now, He's not undefeated in the finals, not even close, he has a losing record by an unforgiving margin

  2. Smacking the dislike. Show some respect. How u gonna use his name in video.but not as title?

    Change the title of the video. It takes 5seconds. 15 if you lazy.

    Have some respect people. Come on

  3. Imagine being a human being with a family. A human being who’s gotten the opportunity to play professional basketball at the highest level. Working your ass off for your contract and then being referred to only as “Lebron’s teammate”. 😂💀

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