LEDGlow | How To Install Million Color Underbody Lights With Bluetooth Control

Add custom illumination to the underbody of your car with LEDGlow’s Million Color Smartphone Underbody Kit!

This video will walk you through the process of installing your LEDGlow Million Color Underbody Lighting Kit with smartphone control. LEDGlow’s Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is designed to integrate with your existing Android or iOS device giving you control of your underbody lights, interior lights and wheel well lights at your fingertips.

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WARNING: This demonstration is meant to be a guideline. All vehicles are different and professional assistance is highly recommended for installing any lighting kit. As with all of our products, we recommend testing the kit before beginning the install process.


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42 thoughts on “LEDGlow | How To Install Million Color Underbody Lights With Bluetooth Control

  1. What 12V source did you use exactly? I’m installing these and I’m worried if I connect it like you did it’ll keep dragging power from my battery. Could you help on how to exactly wire it?

  2. Why dont you show a charger? It's more complicated than a mustang. I'm having trouble with mine. Bars dont fit in right spot without hitting exhaust.

  3. My Bluetooth system is not working for some reason. When ever I turn on the ledglow Bluetooth from my phone, it turn on a green light from a box under the hood, the green light stays for a few second and it turns back to red light again. I can’t find what the problem is?

  4. Those connectors are horrible and old style. To connect all 4 to the box is a pain in the ass. Some kits have it where one plug will do it all and allow you to run them in series …….less wires.

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