Lil Pump Says People Close to Him Are ‘Turning Fake’

With his new $8 million deal with Warner Bros, Lil Pump has noticed a change in how people treat him.

In a brief but candid note on his Instagram Stories late Sunday, Pump said he was “going thru it” right now because “everybody turning fake.” By “everybody,” Pump also means those closest to him. “Dis rap shit comes wit a lot of bullshit,” he said.

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36 thoughts on “Lil Pump Says People Close to Him Are ‘Turning Fake’

  1. It's always been like that when you money flow more than the folks around you, there just for the ride along, and with you most likely actin a fool ( prolly given no respect to your peppz or the term " PLAYING TO MUCH " ) they going to get sick of it eventually and just not think your funny rather than just deal with your annoying a$$.

  2. 98% people now with you are cunts willing to tell you all to get your money sad true but sometomes better have less money or at least not telling anybody you have some coz people ready to eat shit to get money sad TRUE.

  3. No. YOU’RE changing. Wether he knows it or not, the money and fame is changing him. I don’t blame him, he just see people differently and think they’re moving funny, when really.. he is. Cus let’s be real why tf would someone turn fake when you making millions? Tf if anything they would be the realest mfs on earth 🤣

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