Lil Pump to J. Cole: ‘Thank You for All the Clout’

Lil Pump is talking about J. Cole, again. The 17-year-old rapper sarcastically thanked Cole for giving him “clout,” most likely referring to the KOD track “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’).”

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36 thoughts on “Lil Pump to J. Cole: ‘Thank You for All the Clout’

  1. Pulls the I'm a 17 year old kid card but wants to be treated like a man….silly little boy…I hope he knows he only bought that house cause papa j Cole told him to…lol..can't belive he admits to chasing clout.

  2. Most of this dumb fans dont know the value of rhyme, wordlpay, metaphor, puns, similes,etc in rap game…so if we measure frm that scale jcole is one of the top rapper, but these days people just want chilling, party and trap music…so dey start to like mumbler and wack artist and love to hate lyrical rapper🤣

  3. Sooo. He admitted to being a clout chaser? People do understand that shit isnt considered a plus, right? J.Cole said the song wasn't about anyone specific too. It was just a shoe fits sort of situation. Even stopped a anti-pump chant as his show. Way to play yourself Pump. Smh

  4. Lil pump can't even compete with likes of younger generation rappers i. e. Logic, XXX tantacion, Joyner lucas, Post Malone forget about Cole. Cole is a Legend.

  5. Can someone please ask French what exactly has this kid done for the game that is worth mentioning? Respecting a generation doesn't mean you have to give a stamp of approval to the nonsense fam. If so, then you do what Cole did here, pull them to the side and give them some jewels.

  6. Just let the younger generation be as “creative” and “fun” as they want it will only root out all the alcoholics and drug addicts and they will all spiral down together to an early grave, so keep up the great work lil whatever’s.

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