Lil Wayne Cleared of Paternity Claim After Taking DNA Test

Weezy finally got the results of the DNA paternity test to determine if he fathered a 16-year-old boy.

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43 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Cleared of Paternity Claim After Taking DNA Test

  1. Lil Wayne should have died in 08 or 09 because his career wouldn't be fucked up and he would have his respect unlike now since in this generation/decade he's released terrible music. He was good during the 90s and great during the 2000s but in the 2010s he's just trash and doesn't get respect like the other old school rapper's.

    No Ceilingz > All of Wayne's 2010 music

  2. You illin, playing with these kids man
    You're dead wrong, got this baby calling me daddy
    But daddy's a unsolved mystery
    Cause apparently mommy ain't caring what she sleeps now
    What ya gone do?
    Tell her the truth or say I left you, like ho's do

    Krayzie Bone the GOAT

  3. This is how it should be so you can have 100% proof that you are indeed the father fuck the court if they think other wise so many dudes paying for kids that aren't theirs

  4. to Dwayne's mama, hold this L for Life for not knowing for a surety who the father of ur child is. to Dwayne don't let this shyt scar u for Life, forgive and move forward young bull.

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