Lil Xan Mobbed by Tupac Fans, Tekashi Vs. Everyone, Drake & Kanye Cool? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, Star, and Nadeska break down the news surrounding the rap game, including good signs that Meek Mill will be released from prison, Lil Xan mobbed by Tupac fans, Tekashi beefing with everyone, and much more.

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43 thoughts on “Lil Xan Mobbed by Tupac Fans, Tekashi Vs. Everyone, Drake & Kanye Cool? | Everyday Struggle

  1. So a kid that doesn’t relate to Tupac and thinks he’s “boring” gets mobbed but someone that called him a bitchass niggx don’t even get talked about… y’all be too radical

  2. G herbo bibby durk rico are dope artist out of chiraq keef too he been steppin it up lately i like that. Durk bibbybn herbo r bigger then drill. They can actually rap they hip hop

  3. Wakademiks got the nerve to call sumone zesty while hes lettin a pervert named six9 i mean bitch nine lift up his shirt n put a chain round his neck or be in a pool with 69 touchin ur bare inner thigh. U callin sumone zesty nigga u the zesty one r u serious. All the gay rappers u promote and damn near be suckin. FOH WAKADEMIKS UR TRASH

  4. 6ix9ine is Mexican and Puerto Rican, right? Why does it seem like black people within the music industry and those that consume his music don’t mind him using the N-word? I don’t know what his dad looks like because he could definitely be considered phenotypically black and could be a Black Puerto Rican, but I’m certainly skeptical about 69’s use of the N-word. Also, everything else that he’s been involved with and convicted of.

  5. The problem is people think "Gangsta" is a look! Its not. Its Morals, Beliefs, and Actions. How can you say what a mf will or wont do strictly based off of how he or she looks.

  6. I'm a HUGE Tupac fan,a bigger one than my parents and they love him. So ion think it's that weird that high school kids got mad at him. I'm not even in high school yet too 💀

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