Lil Yachty Claims He Can Rap Better Than 75% of His Hip-Hop Peers

Lil Yachty, along with some of his rap peers, believes he can out rap most of the newcomers in hip-hop. The revelation came about when Miami rapper Smokepurpp brought the subject to light via social media. “Bro this nigga @lilyachty sooo underrated,” he tweeted. “this nigga deadass got bars and people overlook him smh, definitely top 10 rn NO CAP.” Yachty replied to the statement with his own co-sign. “real underdog bruh, I can prolly out rap 75% of the new generation but n***as sleep on me,” he replied. “Plus i ain’t got nothing to prove brother.”

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27 thoughts on “Lil Yachty Claims He Can Rap Better Than 75% of His Hip-Hop Peers

  1. This dumb ass bullshiting wanna be ass non rapping ass nigga.He was on some high powered shit when he said that!!! Hey, but he is probably right come to think of it because, hell, 85 percent of the rappers now ain't shit, including him!!!

  2. Arguing he the best of his peers is like bragging about someone being the best D league player. Yeah compared to your competition you might be good technically but when you up against some real ballers or pros you not that good.

  3. I like his wordplay and emphasis on certain words. But most of all I just like the beats he's on. He's not the old rapper type that has to pose tough.

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