Logan Paul Gained 80,000 Subscribers Following Controversial ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

Popular YouTuber and seemingly terrible individual Logan Paul recently became public enemy number one after a graphic, and incredibly offensive vlog post. The 22-year-old, who currently has over 15 million subscribers, received fierce criticism after he posted a video of him exploring Aokigahara forest in Japan.

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31 thoughts on “Logan Paul Gained 80,000 Subscribers Following Controversial ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

  1. I keep seeing comments from what i believe are persons under the age to buy alcohol or enter in the draft. And there is a reason you cannot do those things at your tender age. Your mind has not fully developed, I am speaking mostly to the my male youngsters. Lets face it woman are always above the curve when it comes to rational thinking and development. So when i see comments like "then just don't like watch" or " Its just the media making a huge deal of a video Like whatev" But then place the numbers for a suicide helpline on your FB or twitter, and i know all of you have. Its just sad to see just because he's you idol and makes you laugh it's ok. Well it isn't and I am a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and i have been to toooooo many memorials to hear 'just don't watch it then"

  2. We don't give up a flying fuck about what Logan Paul does I could care less I still support him all day like day 1 my day one not his day 1 cuz nobody didn't watch YouTube like that 2 years ago I started back the summer of 2017 but I support him as long as he don't offend me I'm good

  3. He's gained more than 70,000 more like 50,000 a day. He's gained close to 600,000 subscribers since the controversy. And whose fault is that spike in subs? You people whining about him.

  4. HIS APOLOGY IS MONETIZED. HE IS SHITTING MONEY BECAUSE OF HIM FUCKING UP, IM SO MAD. 37Million. Views. He is gaining so much money despite him being such a terrible person, I’m outraged

  5. Who gives a fuck, y’all are all jealous and complex knows they’re bringing in that check for his name. Fuck it welcome to society people.. glad to have ya back

  6. I was one of those 80,000 people lol , The man did nothing wrong it's not like Logan tied the noose and watched The man kill himself he simply stumbled in to a forest and documented it after the fact, yes he was nervous and was laughing but he clearly says he deals with serious events with humor. But I get why everyone is making videos on it he made the most noise in the beginning of a new year so of course other YouTubers need to feed off of the attention Logan made the YouTubers need material like this. Be thankful. Logan keep up the good work bro.

  7. You guys are wrong, yes he did gain 80k subs, but that's an average week for his channel. If you look at his estimated income, it has dropped significantly since the video from around $5k minimum a week to as low as $600

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