Lyor Cohen: ‘I Had No Idea’ Kanye Would Post MAGA Photo

YouTube exec Lyor Cohen explains how he and Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge came to appear in the infamous picture of Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat.

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40 thoughts on “Lyor Cohen: ‘I Had No Idea’ Kanye Would Post MAGA Photo

  1. All this was done on purpose to troll the population . Lyor Cohen is a Satanist . The other person in the picture , Lucian ( Lucifer ) is also a Satanist.
    Something was done to Kanye to shut him up from speaking and that picture was to show that they have Kanye under control .

  2. Dude hangs out with a guy called Lucian really hello Lucifer fuck damn lyor why you hate people I mean you only promote violent/ignorant black music and you vote trump you support the alt right and you screwed over Damon dash

  3. So seems like a bunch of you in the comments Are implying that's The Jewish guy is a white supremacist I may be wrong because I don't know any better Wasn't it the white supremacist That Tried to wipe his people from the face of the Earth

  4. Hey complex how about you stop making shit story and find an excuse to call it "news" fire fucking fraizer cause nobody likes that nigga , bring back everyday struggle with joe. Cause i see people bitching for that although i could give two shits about it , bring back jinx , sean, human welches , yall remember tamara ? , complex ended up becoming a shit tmz wannabe , and tmz is shit so that says alot.

  5. Fire Frazier. Not one person likes his dorky ass dumb ass. Natasha is sexy as fuck and Pierce & Hanamun are cool ass dudes… Just use them..? No one gives a shit about this ugly ass dweeb that definitely got bullied in high school.

  6. When these guys pose with their White Power hand gesture, I can't help but assume the message they're sending is a bit of dominance and ownership of whoever else is in the picture and not white.

  7. People should open their eyes and minds! the music industry , social media etc is SOO much deeper than it appears , there really is a spiritual battle going on , evil is winning smh . STAY WOKE PEOPLE ‼️‼️

  8. Lyor Cohen pimp more nigga than George Washington he's still spending nice and smooth money and cold Crush money complex take my advice don't come at him too hard because he will hide behind his religion then you will become anti-Semitic keep your pimp hand strong

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