Mac Miller Interview With The Breakfast Club (9-22-16)

Mac Miller discusses his new album “The Divine Feminine”, his relationship with Ariana Grande, being sober, getting his ankles broken by Bone Collector and much more with The Breakfast Club. #BreakfastClub


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48 thoughts on “Mac Miller Interview With The Breakfast Club (9-22-16)

  1. Im watching this again in 2020 and I wanna say did any of you actually know mac personaly probably not so if not how the f$#k are you going know how much drugs affected his day to day speech. Also for people that write you spend your wholelife looking for the right words to articulate your feelings so you never feel like your expressing your thoughts as well as you want to . and he does not look high in this interview! RIP MAC a true wordsmith.

  2. The interviewer constantly trying to make it seem that the album is about his past women or certain people it’s about LOVE, listen to the album there are different types of love people go through. For example, Congratulations sounds like a love from a guy being overly β€˜jealous’ and what not.. its about the topic of love and what it can be for many different people. Mac even said it constantly through the interview. They just weren’t listening 🀧🀯

  3. "I don't know about tactics, all I know about is to be real!"
    Mac is dropping punchlines, having an interview… The thing is that mac also was 100% real. Its like knowing him just from following his career. He's missing

  4. I was watching this and just laughing along with their jokes and all that and just having fun and then randomly it just hit me that Mac really isn’t here anymore. That shits crazy. Miss you so much man!

  5. It is so annoying when non-creatives don't realise art doesn't have to be about a specific person. But because they are working in media, I assume they were creative, playing dumb and just trying to get some "tea".

  6. I'm sorry I didn't listen to this young man earlier. What a pure soul, & beyond great & beautiful mind. I was going through my own shit when his music was coming out. As of 2017 I started listening to this young man. I'm sad now just hearing this young mans voice. It was meant I listened to him. R.I.P. Mac, Rest eazy. He's definitely one of the best to ever do it, & I'm a hip hop & music historian.

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