Mac Miller’s $11M Fortune Reportedly Divided Between Family & Friends

LOS ANGELES, CA – Mac Miller reportedly left behind roughly $11.3 million. According to TMZ, the late rapper’s fortune will be divided between his friends and family.

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32 thoughts on “Mac Miller’s $11M Fortune Reportedly Divided Between Family & Friends

  1. Mac Miller killed him self, shit wasn’t a accident, you will eventually do what you speak and think of, he said it a million times, he finally did it so stop 🛑 talking bout u wish u could have him back , he a kill him self again 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Rip Mac :/ I imagine dying as you did is very confusing and hard. As far as you know you just nodded out. Actually with the fent, there’s not much nodding, just you’re out suddenly. So either way you would wake up somewhere else. Probably thinking it was a dream at first. You were just too kind, real and genuine, this sucks to have lost you. You had so much more life to live. So much more love to give. You deserves to find and be loved back that same way every single day. Drugs don’t make some one bad or need to be looked at with shame. I feel a girl he was with was worried too much about her image. Sucks. Hurting the real ones by playing games. As soon as Mac died she’d dropped them both like a couple lames. Served his use, cut him loose, no need for names, just be playing games. Mac I wish you could come back, without you we all do lack. Crack your smile it’s like drug. It multiplies for miles an repeated on all our mugs.

    I’ve never heard anyone say a negative thing about you as a person. Nothing but kind lines and love that binds. So many connections. Zero objections. Your energy was and will remain infectious. Bye buddy.

    I hope no one give any money to some wack ass charity. Charities for the most part are not what they seem or what they started as. They often become corrupted by the money like everything else. Only a tiny percentage is required to actually make it to the “cause”. I advise do the giving yourself, or a GoFundMe (yes they too can be not as they seem) but whatever you do just research it s little.

  3. These kids today are sexually confused and stupid af how I gonna lock up the plug..its the users fault for not stoping…."I'm the one that serving them, me I the one to blame? …NOPE" GUCCI MANE

  4. It feels so relatable because one of my childhood friends died of the seizure last January, and when I visited his family, his father gave me his watch and said "He loved you Sarim, and he would have wanted you to have it." Swear to God I shed so many tears that night. Losing Mac is like losing a friend from your youth! 😢

  5. People saying it’s not the dealers fault it is he shouldn’t have been selling drugs in the first place so he knew the consequences he probably sold other people laced shit and got them killed but you don’t hear about that shit

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