Mach-Hommy & Westside Gunn Talk Reconnecting, Dinner with Jay-Z, ‘Pray for Haiti,’ and the Future

Mach and Gunn go into detail about their relationship and how Gunn and Jay got Hommy to come down from the mountain, as Mach so eloquently puts it. Both guys have important plans for the future and it looks like Mach is going to be sticking around for a while, so be prepared for more dumpin’.

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35 thoughts on “Mach-Hommy & Westside Gunn Talk Reconnecting, Dinner with Jay-Z, ‘Pray for Haiti,’ and the Future

  1. I was worried it was just gonna be a one-off album! Thank God they're gonna keep on working together… 🔥🔥🔥
    Griselda's going down in HipHop history as one of the all time greats.

  2. i hope the Dump Gawd, Fahim bout to get he's shine too on interviews like this, Thr game bout to get spooky its rear seeing Mach do this like this is legendary.
    Westside Gunn
    Mach hommy
    Tha god fahim, they gotta work on something together that'll bring out something the world didnt expect.
    Almost like the Game Coming back to were it needed to be.

  3. I hate Westside Gunn rapping voice. But his bars be infectious and on them beats that shit works crazy. Mach I love his flow. I was pleasantly suprised. Plus I root for the home team. I need to be down with them lol.

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