32 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly Breaks Down Eminem Feud, Halsey Rumors, Mac Miller’s Death, Binge EP + More

  1. it's 2020 I still feel killshot was far much better than rap devil that track was and still trash not mgk can shake Eminem. These people don't know how to do interviews

    worst interview ever

  2. I hate how people come to this video just to shit on mgk, y’all are the definitions of dickriders while y’all are calling ctg a dickrider take one to know one😕

  3. MGK made his own name even before Em which i am a big fan of. But you cant say that Em is the reason he blew up hes had so many great songs. If your just following the trend with saying Em is better, go listen to some MGK songs. He gives great messages and great lyrics.

  4. I ain't fan of MGK, but at around 3:06 MGK has got some serious point.

    Let's not forget that Eminem was rapping about ass of Hillary Duff when she was 15 and he was like 34? That's fully grown ass man.
    That's much more creepy than Early 20 MGK and 16 years old Hailey.

  5. I like MGK, this is the first time I've ever heard him kind of rattled. He seems really frustrated. Complaining "The narrative is getting a little unfair", I mean hes probably right, but I've never heard him whining like this before. Hes still badass though. Him and Em are both badass.

  6. this mothafucca stupid bruh, he just mocked em on stuttering in the interview….DUDE he just stuttered a thousand times in this interview….wtf?? Also, his total sold records were only 600,000 for the bad things song with camilla, this dude said he sold over 20m…….also also , he flexing on his number of movies he been in, stfu..he got many movies but he wasnt even starring in, eminem required only one movie to gain an oscar. also also also, Using shit ton of autotune is considered mumble rap, mgk used a lotta them in rap devil, no wonder why eminem called him a mumble rapper. PROVE ME WRONG, i commented this after a long time of research…..u devil worshippers!

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