1. 2. I trust the divine though who always does restore balance. I am grateful indeed for what you have done for me over these last three days. You have driven away from these days any trace of boredom. You are awesome! 6:01 p.m. 20.06.13

  2. 1. My dear Maliah, have you not been offered to do a spread for Oui, Penthouse or Playboy? My, it has been a million years since I was a teenager and purchased such magazines. Oh, it certainly was an addiction that I had to recover from but that was a million years ago. Were you to do a spread for any of these such magazines, I'd certainly want to own that issue. I have fallen in love with you; I'm addicted to you; an addiction from which I know I shall have to recover as well.

  3. bitch, you think that motherfuckers and doing the same thing as the slave ship, service work=slave workers, your manager gets 70% you doing 95% of the work, goodamn, go with the money, nevermine the color. wake the fuck up. Pimps suck, they may not work in the sex trade, but they still suck, fuck a pimp, we use to call them scabs!

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