March for Our Lives Tells Us Why Your Vote Counts

Carri Twigg talks to young activists about why every vote is needed in this upcoming midterm election, and about what to do to make sure your ballot does the most good.

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29 thoughts on “March for Our Lives Tells Us Why Your Vote Counts

  1. What I took from this is that the people of Florida need a mental health evaluation and trump is a racist nra drug dea agent that needs to be stopped by young people voting and I should not watch any campaign ads just vote fore the Democrat

  2. It amazes me how existing issues only become pertinent issues once it affects the white populace. Where was this outrage when the CIA were putting guns and drugs into black neighbourhoods? 🤔 Black children are leaving school everyday to go home to a war zone where their friends are being murdered by the gun violence that was nurtured and encouraged under cointelpro. So dnt expect me to shed tears because a few white kids got killed in school because more black children have died from gun violence in the last year, than white kids in the last 5 years. But it’s only once the white kids start getting shot that it becomes a problem that the rest of the world pays attention to 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  3. Lol Democrats are for blacks? And they want to take away the only defence they have against criminals and government. They wanted to take away the right to bear arms for blacks back in the 1800s and they still want it today.

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