8 thoughts on “Marcus Peters on evaluating the Rams season “I think we ain’t done yet”

  1. I mean as a Rams fan he could've been a bit more respectful for the entire press conference but that was a really stupid question. "How would you evaluate your season?" Like, my season? You mean the one I'm still playing in? What do you even expect him to say? "Yeah, it's been a great season…" as in "it's BEEN?" Meaning, that the season happened in the PAST, and it's OVER? No. He's spot-on. We AREN'T done yet. We WEREN'T done yet, as of the time of this press conference. We're playing February football now. Season isn't over. We'll evaluate it when the season is completely over, meaning any time past around 9:30PM Eastern Time this Sunday. Until then, season isn't over. Adequate response.

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