Mariah Carey Speaks About Her Struggle With Bipolar Disorder

In an exclusive interview with People, Mariah explained that a 2001 hospitalization lead to her diagnosis, where quote “she didn’t want to believe it.”

For a long time, she thought she had a severe sleep disorder. Instead, she overworked herself, which was later identified as a period of mania.

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45 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Speaks About Her Struggle With Bipolar Disorder

  1. I am happy she revealed fighting bipolar disorder. I been fighting bipolar disorder since 1999 when I was diagnosed I hate the stigma attached to it and idiots who don't think it exists when it does and it sucks if any of u have it u will understand its difficult sometimes dealing with it and having people insult u and call u crazy makes it more hurtful. Kurt Cobain was bipolar. Most people with it die by suicide. Rapper Hopskin has it as well. It sucks and I wish people would be more fucking understanding about the condition.

  2. So proud of Mariah! The entertainment industry takes a toll on all our biggest Icons. This isn't just going to help her but millions around the world. Never be ashamed of your struggles. We love you Mariah <3

  3. Jesus I seriously cant believe some of the comments here its 2018 and people still think mental illness is a joke?? Do you really think such a legend would openly speak about this knowing it could jeopardise her image if it was "made up" ?? And I bet the people saying these things in the comments are the same people that said "she's crazy" or she's "not right in the head" back when she had the episodes of mania and was acting erratic, smh

  4. It's hyper manic episodes in type 2 bipolar disorder. Either way, I'm glad my Superstar girl is getting help and was strong enough to open up because anybody else would have hid and stopped living their life. I got nothing but big respect for her

  5. I remember seeing a report on the news that Mariah was at the park pushing her baby in the swing dolled up like she was going to the Grammys all I could think was wow they're really trying to humanize her but no one even though to tell her that she was using the wrong swing it looked like some real smoke and mirrors shit

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