Martellus Bennett on Finding a Job After Football; Jordan Clarkson’s Pet Dinosaurs | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode, special guest veteran NFL tight end Martellus Bennett joins Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew to talk sports culture and clown TF out of each other. Conversation starts with Cavs coach Ty Lue, who recently left the team to deal with serious health issues. While Gil and Martellus wish him a speedy recovery, they point out a double standard that exists for hurting athletes who need to address their physical and mental health. Gil also has thoughts on how important a head coach actually is to the Cavs, launching him into a story of what Wizards coach Eddie Jordan did when he encountered a brawl between players. Next, the guys discuss Penny Hardaway taking over as head coach of the Memphis Tigers despite having no experience coaching at the collegiate level. Will his legend status at the school β€” and fire Nike kicks β€” help recruit players and rebuild the program? Then, Martellus, who years ago started the Imagination Agency, a children’s media company devoted to diversifying depictions of kids, breaks down how soon athletes should begin planning their post-playing career. What he and Gil have to say may surprise you. Also, Martellus, who’s currently a free agent, talks about what it would mean to join the Eagles and play with his brother Michael. Plus, Marty B makes it super hot and uncomfortable for Adam talking about race. Finally, OOB has to weigh in on Jordan Clarkson saying he believes dinosaurs were pets for giant humans. Is he trolling or just out of his mind? And what about mermaids and the moon landing? Hmm….

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33 thoughts on “Martellus Bennett on Finding a Job After Football; Jordan Clarkson’s Pet Dinosaurs | Out of Bounds

  1. recruits matter more than coaching in college…more interested in what extra Penny gives to his players that other coaches can't…If Cal, K, types are labeled as master developers and neither actually played at a high level…Penny should have an advantage…want to see his staff now that they say Larry Brown is not part of it that changes things a bit…

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