Meek Mill On Standing Up For Reform, Prison Culture, Championships + More

Meek Mill stopped by and discussed the meaning behind lyrics in his new album, ‘Championships.’ The rapper also talked about his first conversation with Drake post settling the two’s longstanding beef and his thoughts on prison reform.

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Meek Mill’s Lawyer Discusses The Judge’s Obsession & Unfair Treatment In The Courtroom:

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Meek Mill On Standing Up For Reform, Prison Culture, Championships + More



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35 thoughts on “Meek Mill On Standing Up For Reform, Prison Culture, Championships + More

  1. I love his voice! Lol I also low-key think he was hinting at talking to Milano when he said he doesn’t have to talk to a chick in the industry. He’s said it a couple times in a few interviews. He really just wanted a regular chick with her own, who isn’t with the fame and hype.

  2. After Listens to Meek Mill, It gives me it gives an idea of how warped the Justice system is and the lack of freedom for black men in the USA. Charlamain needs to be educated on the justice system.

  3. IF you heard what he said; this is why I respect Trina. She is quality not quantity, she grew you bitches. You misjudge the fact that she put you bitches on and are here for you, but will pull that knife right out your back even if she its it there

  4. Someday people will start realizing that power is what divides us, not race. Race becomes an aspect of it but it's ultimately power and greed that creates the division. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

  5. Meek too real to do the goofy shit with them, they want to play, but his life is real, that’s why he agitated 😣 with the stupid questions, but I like how he controlled it!

  6. He talking some real shit and ctg want to play and ask stupid questions, Meek ain’t trying to answer a dumb question, that’s why he hits them with the same dumb ass questions.💪🏽

  7. Meek’s passion for prison reform and fostering community development is so empowering. He’s so raw and authentic and was clearly not here for their childish antics, especially Angela’s ridiculously messy questions. He was so irritated.

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