Meek Mill’s Request for New Judge to Hear Case Has Been Denied Again

Meek Mill’s petition to have a new judge hear his case has been yet again denied. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced a split 3-3 decision on Tuesday on whether Judge Genece Brinkley should oversee Meek’s post-conviction appeal on June 18, The Legal Intelligencer reports.

Mill’s request was the second direct appeal he’s filed in the last three months. While the first request went through, with the high court ruling that the Philadelphia native be released right away on bail, the justices ordered on Tuesday that the court was evenly split regarding Brinkley presiding over Meek’s appeal.

While Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor and Justices Sallie Mundy and David Wecht rejected Mill’s petition, Justice Max Baer delivered a dissenting opinion, and announced he would have allowed Mill’s request.

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23 thoughts on “Meek Mill’s Request for New Judge to Hear Case Has Been Denied Again

  1. Man Meek….. after this BS, stay ur ass home somewhere and don’t leave ever. Don’t even post shit on social media. They want you so bad, u gonna catch a aggravated assault case waving at somebody thru your glass windows.

  2. I'm not even into Meek's music like that…..but they really got it out for dude….he the one that got away….they hate to see young black men from his background make it….they pissed because his life was supposed to be wasted in the streets in their eyes.

  3. Last of Us 2 Theory- Ellie is hunting for her girlfriends killers thus the flashbacks, and Joel might be tracking her down to tell her revenge isnt the way( Which we saw in the first teaser where Joel comes in telling her "are we really doing this") which will allows us to play both characters

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